Friday, 21 October 2011

1960s Suit - Mens 1960s Suits

At Tweedmans Vintage ( formerly Vintage Whistles ) we offer a wide selection of vintage 1960's suits for men, we supply lots of unique 1960s mens suits for vintage themed weddings.
If you are planning a 1960s inspired wedding and you are looking for ideas for the grooms attire, please visit our website. We always have a superb selection of 60s suits for sale as well as a great selection of mens 1960s accessories to buy online.

Mens 2 & 3 piece 1960's suits.

Below are just a few of the mens 1960s suits we have on offer.. many more on the website!!

Unusual 1960s vintage suit

Unique 1960s vintage suit

60's suit - 3 piece

1960s 3 piece suit

1960s suit

60s suit

Mens 3 piece 1960s suit

1960s tuxedo suit

1960s tuxedo

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